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At the Sprott Accounting Students' Association, we are ​driven by a single goal; to do our part in delivering ​opportunities to students and helping them achieve ​their goals. We strive to build productive relationships ​with students, faculty, and the Ottawa business ​community in order to make a positive impact with all of ​our pursuits.


Co-op Panel

Early October

  • Real-World Perspectives: ​Hear firsthand experiences and ​insights from current co-op ​students in the accounting ​sector.
  • Career Path Clarity: Clarify ​career paths and understand ​the day-to-day realities of ​working in accounting through ​personal stories.

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Net Night

September 12, 2024

Exclusive Networking: Direct ​access to professionals from top ​accounting and consulting firms.

Career Insights: Gain valuable ​industry knowledge and career ​advice in a relaxed setting. Future ​Opportunities: Discover internship ​and job openings not widely ​advertised.

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Alumni Night


  • Industry Insights: Gain ​valuable career advice and ​industry trends from ​successful alumni.

  • Networking Opportunities: ​Connect with alumni who can ​offer mentorship and ​potentially open doors to ​internships or job ​opportunities.

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What Are People Saying About ​Our Club

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SASA has brought me and many ​others countless opportunities. The ​team wants you to succeed, and ​strives to connect you with your ​perfect employer. I would highly ​recommend checking out any ​upcoming events. You might just find ​your dream role!

Et​han Defreitas

Tax Analyst @ Deloitte

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"Joining SASA has been a fantastic ​experience, offering valuable ​networking opportunities, ​professional development, and ​the chance to connect with fellow ​students passionate about ​accounting and consulting.

Allen John


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Joining SASA has been incredibly ​rewarding, providing me with ​invaluable opportunities to ​network with professionals, gain ​practical experience, and forge ​lasting connections with fellow ​students.

Stuart Sherratt


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